Modernization Plan for the Port of Buenos Aires

The National Ministry of Transport presented last December 13tha Modernization Plan for the Port of Buenos Aires; the only port of national jurisdiction in the Argentine Republic.

Along with the creation of new port terminals, the reactivation of feeder ports, the renewal of railroads, and the enhancement of road traffic, the purpose of this Plan is to reduce the logistics costs associated with exporting products in a more economical and efficient way, from Argentina to the world.

This expansion in the infrastructure involves reclaiming land from the Rio de la Plata with fills which will be used for decks and warehouses, and it will result in the creation of an Interior Terminal and an Exterior Terminal with sufficient capacity to enable the appropriate operation of the “New Panamax” vessels.

The National State has already invested USD 70 million, and the Plan —starting in May, 2020—will extend for 50 years, requiring a total public and private investment of USD 1,910 million, and the most renowned operators in the world being part of it. The purpose of the national administration is to duplicate the cargo capacity of the port terminal —dealing today with a 60 % of the country’s containers market—and to handle from 1,4 millions TEUs in 2020 to 2,7 millions TEUs in 2030.

The concession agreement states that, during the first 10 years, the private sector shall invest USD 760 million in the project, while the National State shall provide USD 300 million during the same period.

The project of the Exterior Terminal—similar to those in progress in the most important ports of the worlds—will be developed over the next 10 years. The Port of Buenos Aires has already started the filling operations to build in 10 hectares over a total of 45 which will be ready for 2030.

The plan includes the separation of cruise ships and cargo vessels operations which, today, share the same spaces in the port. This will result in more operational efficiency and safety.

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