Our Founding Partner, Maria Belén Espiñeira, included in the Top Women in Shipping for 2020 by

IT&L Legal Consultants is proud to announce that our Founding Partner, María Belén Espiñeira, has been listed, for the second consecutive year, in Top Women in Shipping for 2020 by

Together with Doctor Espiñeira, remarkable and valuable women from the Maritime Industry have been distinguished. The complete list can be found by clicking here.

Based on the votes for defining the list, the journalist Anny Zade from outlined vital statistics revealing the essential role in women’s professional and career development of continuous education and training, tenancy, English language command and participation in professional associations.

You can find the Vital Statistics here.

Our firm and its members are deeply glad to know the results of this list and celebrate the existence of this list itself, since it represents a way of promoting women’s empowerment, which we consider crucial for the sustainable, just, and fair development of the nations.